With our passion for good food, great company, and celebrating Caribbean culture, we embarked on the journey of creating Jamaican patties – an iconic staple of Jamaican cuisine. We took a few years to perfect this traditional pastry; crafting it to the highest quality, whilst staying true to its authenticity. The Patty Shoppe patties are made from our family recipes, offering a new spin on this unique and classic treat. Our patties are made right here in Ontario, Canada with ingredients sourced from local suppliers. From our family to yours, we are proud to be serving our flavourful Jamaican style patties in Canada.



Our Story

(As told by the Founder)

The Patty Shoppe was created out of the simple desire to enjoy a patty like the ones I had back home when I was growing up. My mother used to buy my sisters and I patties on a Saturday afternoon in Jamaica to keep us happy and quiet as she did her rounds on the road buying groceries and running other errands.

I first had the idea to make patties back in 2013 while having a similar Saturday afternoon patty craving like the one from my childhood. In that moment a little bit of frustration started to set in knowing that I couldn’t get the same quality patties like the ones I got back home growing-up . This led to the idea that replicating this quality in Canada would be both a great business venture and cultural exchange adding to the already diverse landscape in Canada.

My grandmother was a baker, so I know my way around a mixer and an oven watching her work growing-up. When she passed a year later in 2014, it triggered something in me to start baking again, and I figured I would set a new trajectory for myself and my family by focusing on perfecting the patty. It took me a few years to figure it out and elevate the complex recipe but once I created a product I could be proud of, I started making it at home giving it away to get feedback. I eventually began selling it to friends, family, friends of friends, and then absolute strangers who had either heard of or tasted my handiwork. Before long, I was producing 70 dozen patties on a weekends and after work in the week out of my basement. Admittedly, it got a little out of hand and I knew I had to get a proper space for this opportunity. The Patty Shoppe ®  was born in June 2017.

Today the business is led by myself and my youngest sister who is a trained chef. She handles our day-to-day operations and is “the boss” .